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Fernley Water Bond Debt Fee to be collected through the Lyon County property tax

Informational Letter to Residents of Fernley
June 1, 2012
To: Residents of Fernley
Re: New Water Bond Fee

After several months of workshops and public meetings, on May 16, 2012, City Council voted to
implement a new Water Bond Debt Fee to be collected from customers who currently have
access to City water service and customers who have a reservation to hook‐up to City water
service. The new fee replaces the $18 assessment that was charged during Fiscal Year 2011‐
2012 and the old $18 assessment will expire in June 2012.

The new Water Bond Debt Fee will be calculated annually based on a formula approved by City
Council. This year the fee for a ¾ inch residential customer will be $31.10 per month.
Customers with larger meters will pay more based on the capacity of the meter, as shown in the
table below:

Meter Size Monthly Fee
3/4" $31.09
1 $51.92
1 1/2" $103.53
2 $165.71
3 $310.90
4 $518.27
6 $518.27
Will‐Serve Lots $18.65

The new Water Bond Debt Fee will be collected through the Lyon County property tax
statements. The fee will no longer be collected as part of your monthly utility bill. Even though
the fee will be collected as part of the Lyon County Property Tax statements, the fee will not be
charged to all property owners within the City limits. The fee will only be collected from those
who have access to City water service or a reservation to hook‐up to City water service.

Every year until the bond is repaid, the fee will be recalculated based on the formula approved
by City Council, which includes the annual projected shortfall in the water budget, and the total
number of customers with existing or requested City water service. We believe that the fee
should remain the same or be reduced every year going forward from this year.

If you have any questions about the fee, please fee free to contact the City Manager’s office at or 784‐9800. If you have questions about how this new fee might
affect your mortgage escrow account, please contact your lending institution directly.

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Comment by max on June 3, 2012 at 3:17pm

January is right around the corner folks, time to sweep clean the garbage from our counsel chambers. If they won't listen to the people on Wed, they will, come election day. $31.09, nice round figure I know, doesn't seem a lot, but this amounts to $373.08 per year folks, 373.08 that can be used towards fuel cost, medication cost, not to mention food cost. Or, maybe it was earmarked for a nice meal out with the wife/husband once a month. We need leaders, those that care for its citizens themselves, and not just what they can squeeze from their checking accounts. Let them know your not going to take it any longer, how? (GET OUT AND VOTE)

Comment by Linda Wishart on June 2, 2012 at 11:04pm

As a side note to the BOND FEE for City Water;

A BIG THANK YOU TO FERNLEY PARAMEDICS ARE WONDERFUL; while getting me to the emergency room, I heard the comforting voice saying 'stay with us Linda" as I kept 'going away'. I was in 'Bad Shape' am told that my Grandson is my hero ; saved my life! Thank You Bubby. Anyway! ... Bad Water, Big Bill.... Yippee ROLE WITH THE FLOW [pardon the pun]

Comment by Linda Wishart on June 2, 2012 at 11:01pm

I would like some good water for that money.  Just sayin'  "If the water were better I could save the money spent on bottled water and pay the bond fee." As it sits,keep purchasing usable water and city water; lotion and hair conditioning treatments to counteract the effects of city water. Oh, and I will never forget my 14 day excruciating, blinding, and completely incapacitating headache and I'm not sure the number of days in the hospital due to using Fernley City water in my Netti Pot (sinus cleaning system).

Now I have approximately 40,000+; related to Fernley Water Bacteria INFECTING MY BRAIN!.  Yeah, that was a fun couple of weeks.

Comment by Marguerite glolifthandles on June 2, 2012 at 10:05pm

OK so life goes on and tax relief?....every bit we can count...counts!


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